Have You Seen Anything More Hypnotizing Than These Eyes Yet?

Eyes are the blessings of the almighty that helps us see the world. They make us look unique and different from one another. Eyes are of a great variety themselves. They’re varied in shapes and colors. And eye colour is a really lovely variation. Black eyes make a person look deeper whereas brown adds beauty to the face. Wel, these were the two basic colors, but what about others? Aren’t you interested in seeing them. Black and brown won’t attract you the way other colours will. Afterall they’re rare and one can just get hypnotized looking into them.

Well, there is no use of contact lenses here. Actually, some people are genetically blessed with the eye colours. And you’ll be amazed to see them. So, let’s begin.

1. Have you seen something more unique than this?

Look at these beautiful eyes, they look like a pair of blue shiny stones! They give the girl a calm look like noone else.Her highlighted eyes suit her completely and perfectly.

2. This eye colour makes the girl look even more beautiful.

I never knew that blue and grey was such a nice combination. This makes the girl look so pretty and innocent. I really wish god had given me these wonderful eye.

3. Look at the eyes of these twins- such amazing colors!

These colors are extremely rare! And these both twins are blessed with it.

4. These green eyes are the new shade i saw!

You know what’s rarer- this! And the girl seems very lucky to have them.

5. This eye color makes me beg

This looks angelic! She is beautiful and also is blessed with beautiful eyes.

6. These eyes are the representative of innocence!

What her eyes say is just innocence- pure and complete!

7. This make me go “Aww”!

What could have been more attractive! This makes even me jealous.

8. Have you seen anything bluish?

It looks like an ocean is under the eyes of this kid.

9. These happy eyes are love

This makes me joyful- and i don’t know whether it’s the smile or eyes!

10. That’s called a perfect shade!

Blue , green and grey- all trio in one! These eyes are what can give one immense satisfaction.

11. The unique green eyes!

Did someone tell her that her eyes match her scarf!

12. Eyes or emeralds!

Pearls as eyes- that’s what it seems.

13. Can you see the sky in the eye!

The eyes reflect the entire sky as i think! Blue eyes are just magnetic.

14. The white around the eye looks a bit scary!

The eye color is great, but don’t you find the white a bit odd?

15. Let eyes do the talking!

Look deeply into these eyes! They’re just ready to speak everything out.

16. Eyes or blue diamonds?

It looks like some precious stones are embedded into her eyes. No question why she looks so out of the world beautiful.

17. These aqua blue mermaid eyes are love!

If there were mermaids for true, their eyes would’ve surely looked like this.

18. The dreamy turquoise eyes!

Looks like this girl is ready to hypnotise any person. Afterall her eyes are all deep and blue!

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