8 Habits That Might Just Save Your Life

Life is a precious gem. It has to end ultimately, but losing your life before it’s time is a huge loss. It’s not only devastating to your family and friends, but to your dreams too. In todays society, it’s never safe. There’s always a danger over your head that you might just fall prey to someone’s trap or a sudden accident may become life changing and challenging as well.

So, it’s always better to take some preventive measures in order to prevent your life from being threatened. Now, not delaying this anymore, let’s begin with the list of habits that’ll save your life.

1. Take your cards, money and a charged phone when you go out

Their is no question why one should keep these things while going out. Not only these are essential items, they can be life saving. Your phone will help you to contact anyone whenever you’re in trouble. Money and cards can help you with any financial trouble you fall into.

2. Say sorry when you bump into someone

Yes, even if it wasn’t your mistake, just apologize and keep going. When you accidentally bump into someone, you can hardly notice if they’re carrying any sort of weapon or are under the influence of drugs and alcohol. So, if you don’t apologize and cool them down, it may somehow become troublesome. They may either lash out or even attack you. Therefore , it’s better to protect yourself with an apology.

3. Always know your exits

It’s always advised to know your exits wherever you are. You never know when you need to run. Bad situations don’t come with a notice, they just happen suddenly and by the time you’ll be searching for an exit, it’ll be already too late. But, if you know it beforehand, then you can move out without having to think twice.

4. Observe people when in crowds and public area

When you’re surrounded by a lot of people, calm yourself down and observe them. The fact is that when you observe them, you’ll get to know who is nervous and who is agitated. If you feel dangerous vibes from someone then make distance from them as the vibes are mostly true.

5. Count the rows to the emergency exit in an airplane

When you’re traveling via the air, then you need to take some extra precautions. You should see where the nearest emergency exit is. Also, count the rows and memorize it. In case there is something wrong with the aircraft, like smoke or an emergency landing , then you might miss the exit sign due to the dim lights. But, If you know the row numbers between the seat and the exit, then you can move towards it by counting the headrests and save your life.

6. Strengthen your wrists

There is not just a single reason to strengthen yourself and reamin fit. Not only is it a sign of good health, it can be very significant in saving your life someday. But, here we ask you to focus primarily on your wrists as they’re the one that gets tired the fastest. A good wrist strength can help you in a variety of situations, like for holding onto a ledge for support or grab someone from falling down. All these will be possible only when you’ve strength in your wrists.

7. If you feel threatened, raise your head and proceed with caution

It’s a sort of human tendency that whenever we sense danger, we do opposite of what we should. We speed up and instinctively lower our heads that is exactly opposite of what we should be doing. It’s so because when you lower your head, you’re kind of signalling the perpetrator that you’re weak and an easy prey. Also, when your head is lowered, you won’t be able to see the person closing by you. If you’re confident, and look straight and slow down a bit, the perpetrator will more likely hesitate to come near you and will think twice.

8. Escape from a sinking car by removing the glass

If you’re in a sinking car, don’t rush to open the gate. Instead, roll the windows down. If it isn’t going down, then break it with a heavy object. It’s advised so because you won’t be able to open the car due to the water pressure outside and you don’t have so much time that you try each way out. Moving out through the window is much easier than faster.

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