Witness The Creativity Of The Fashion Bloggers And Try Them If You Dare!

The fashion industry is progressing at a high speed. Daily, new trends come and go. In this race of beauty and fashion, each fashion blogger is trying to bring out something new. Most of them just get so much creative that we kind of get into a dilemma, that whether this is super cool or just downright crazy. Well, in the fashion world , sometimes crazy is what is meant to be progressive- pun intended. Whatever be the reason and the inspiration of the fashion blogger ls, they’re worth taking a look at. Afterall, we can’t just let someone’s effort go in vain.

So, we’ve collected a few of the makeup ideas, that the fashion bloggers call as progressive fashion! Just remember, only the most daring person will dare to try them. Hope any one of you must be that brave. And there you go-

1. Eyebrow heels

Breathe in , breathe out! Relax, this isn’t real, but i m not sure till when. As the trends change within minutes, we can just pray that this doesn’t get real. This makeup, which showcases a shoe instead of an eyebrow, is actually unreal and edited. Well, bad news for those who liked it.

2. Nail corkscrew

Whoa! This is fabulously making no sense to me. Those days are history when simply done nails were fashion.The manicure is done pretty well and the nail colour is amazing too. But, that curly thing just makes me think that how long did it take the nail artist to do it. This looks amazing and may be quite helpful to those who often have to open wine bottle.

3. Eyebrow – halo

Wow, halo look. Who else likes this? Well, this look basically connects the two ends of eyebrows. And, this just made my world upside down.

4. Crowns on the eyelids

To all the girls who always dreamt to be a princess, we have this look just for you. And for every princess, there’s a crown, but you can have too. That’s what this trend is about. Just draw the patterns and don’t forget to decorate it with rhinestones

5. Corset braids

We don’t say that this style is absolutely new. But it has been reborned. Even the celebrities are liking it. This insanely beautiful hairstyle is just for the fashionistas.

6. Ombre lashes

Going for a theme party? Here’s a new thing that you can do with ombre. You may have used it in hairs and nails, but on lashes it looks pretty different. So, here you go. Grab this look and just make sure you’re using fake lashes so that it becomes noticeable

7. Squared hair

There’s a very interesting story behind this trend. It was a salon stylist who did this to her client. What inspired her is even more interesting- a perfect tartan miniskirt. Well, applauses for you. If you cannot find something, create it!

8. Springtime eyebrows

This is a way many girls found out to welcome spring- Green eyebrows with flowers. Well, what’s your idea of welcoming spring?

9. Geode hair

This actually looks attractive. All you need is some violet dye and then some sparkle that looks like crystals all over your head. And another advantage- you don’t need any jewellery now!

10. Iron eyebrows

If you haven’t found anything deadly or challenging until now. Try this! This is the height of creativity. Iron nails and other iron pieces woven into eyebrows- this surely doesn’t fascinate many.

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