12 Noticeable mistakes in your favourite cartoon

We all have soft spots in our hearts for particular animated shows. If you’re a person who can’t go to bed without some kind of cartoon playing in the background, or who just can’t help but turn cartoons into white noise as he either works or does chores, then there are probably some times that you’ve noticed some mistakes. Here we are listing 12 mistakes that you might have noticed.

Mistake no. 1

It’s here we learn that Arthur is actually more related to a dinosaur than he is an actual aardvark. Because for some reason, his actual ears, you know, the ones that are PLAINLY EFFING DRAWN on the top of his head, are just for show.
So where does he wear his headphones? Why, just under the place where his glasses are nailed into his head, of course. The reason I say he’s more dinosaur is I can only assume that his real ears are just hollow points in his skull that the show thankfully never fully articulates.
However, Arthur isn’t the only character like this. There’s a long history of characters being given the “listen through my skull treatment,” and once you notice it, there’s no turning back.

Mistake no. 2

Alright, so we all had these sneaking suspicions that Timon and Pumbaa might skew the way of Ren and Stimpy, but it wasn’t until the pretty good series that they got on Toon Disney (rest in peace) that we finally had it confirmed to all of us with this image.
Here we see that Timon was truly unprepared for what was about to happen, as Pumbaa angrily gets himself into position, as it were. I can only hope that Disney cut to commercial before anything went “further.”
I mean, of course, everything’s up to interpretation here and that might not be what’s going on at all. But then again…
Maybe I’m right.

Mistake no. 3

You know what you need to hide your identity when you’re a six-foot-tall mountain of green muscle and hardened turtle shell? A FRIGGIN’ TRENCHCOAT. You know what won’t do diddly-crap? color-coordinated elbowpads, kneepads, bracelets, and masks. At the end of the day, you’re still a giant mutant green bean donned in ninja garb with deadly weapons and your FIRST INITIAL ON YOUR BELT BUCKLE. Heck of a job you guys are doing keeping your secret identities.
But I mean, it’s not like anyone cared when they were watching it (including myself). It’s just one of those things that we can’t help but realize when we take a look at it twenty or so years down the road.

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