This Is What Your Fingerprints Reveal About You

Fingerprints are really amazing. They’re unique for each individual and it really makes obe wonder how can so many designs actually be possible. There is no person, except for the identical twins that have exactly the same fingerprint! So different yet so similar, these designs are a mystery in themselves. But hey, did you know that basically they’re just of three types and each types represents a unique personality. Well, if you didn’t know this till now, it’s time that we reveal this to you. We have collected the traits of people with these different types of fingerprints. And we hope that you like it. Afterall, knowing about oneself is really very interesting and exciting. So, let’s begin.

1. Loops

These represent people with optimism, friendliness and a bubbly personality. They’re quick in making friends due to their warm, welcoming and approachable temperament. However, getting bored nearly makes them mad. Hence, they try to keep things fresh and new, and never settle for one thing for an extensive period.

A. Ulnar loops

Loops have different patterns too. Its design is a form of lines that seem like waterfalls flowing towards the pinky finger, but with triangular points. These represent gentle and spontaneous personality. They are observant types of people and like to live in the moment. They’re charming and are very easy going.

B. Radial loops

These are similar to those of ulnar patterns. The difference is just that they point towards the thumb instead of the little finger. They are representative of independent and witty personalities. They are inquisitive yet knowledgeable. This is why they tend to go against the flow and seek out their own roads.

2. Curves or arches

Curves or arches characterise the choleric temperament. They represent confident and energetic personalities. They can be a little stubborn at times. But in reality it’s their zealous conviction for what they believe in that strengthens their belief unless it’s proven otherwise. They’re loyal to them who have earned their trust.

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