9 Things You Should Avoid While Buying Footwear

Many people try to follow the trend but end up buying expensive and not so good looking shoes. Expensive stuff doesn’t always looks nice. Leaving a nice impression on someone doesn’t involves bragging of the price tags. Instead, your choice and taste reveals how sophisticated personality you are. So, it is important to buy the stuff that is decent and at the same time looks classy.

Buying shoes is not everyone’s cup of tea. Well the matter of concern is not ” how to buy shoes” but ” which shoes to buy”? Nevertheless, it’s never too late to learn. Hence, continue reading further that which shoes is a must buy and which one is a no-no.

Lots of sparkly and shiny details

Many people admire the things that glitters. Well, I’ll tell you what! Leave the glittery stuff for your jewelry and buy as simple footwear as you can because they look way better without something shining on it.

Extremely high platform shoes

Some short girls prefer to wear high platform shoes. But despite the price, these shoes don’t look expensive or elegant. High platforms turn legs into “hoofs” and the whole body looks out of proportion. It’s recommended to choose small platform shoes or shoes without a platform at all. To look gorgeous, you really just need to put classic heels on.

Combining several colors

Everybody wants to make their life colorful. It’s good to fill life with bright colors but it’s recommended to keep your shoes out of many vibrant colors. Combining 2 or more colors in shoes does’t give them a good appearance. Instead, choose a single color in shoe for instance, only blue which would look really cool.

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