6 Tricks to make your cup of coffee more effective, healthier, and tastier!

Are you one of those folks who need coffee as first thing in the morning before they can function?
So many people can’t go a morning without a cup of coffee, but are you really getting the most out of it? Try these tricks to make your cup of joe more effective, healthier, and tastier!

1. Cinnamon Instead Of Sugar

The other guilty add-in common in most coffees is sugar. While artificial sugar substitutes are better, a good number of people aren’t fond of them. Next time you feel the urge to add some sugar to your coffee, add a bit of cinnamon instead. It’ll sweeten up your drink without adding any calories.

2. DIY Latte

Instead of paying big bucks for a milk steamer or a store-bought latte, you can make your own in a few minutes with just a milk frother, which costs less than $20. Pour some milk and sugar into your mug and then microwave it for a bit, then use your brother to make the mixture foamy. Then just pour in your coffee and enjoy.

3. Go Cold-Brew


Cold-brewing your own coffee is both easy and cheap, and it offers a much different taste (less acidic) than hot-brewed coffee. To do it, soak ground coffee beans in water for 12 hours (overnight), and then strain out the grounds. Now you can either pour this coffee over ice and add cream and sweetener, or you can heat it up if you like it hot.

4. Make Your Own Creamer

Save money on creamer by making your own at home using just milk and flavored extract. Just mix a few drops of vanilla or almond extract into some milk, and you’ve got a perfectly good creamer for your coffee. Plus, it will last longer than store-bought creamers, so you don’t have to worry about it going bad.

5. Small And Frequent Is The Way To Go

A lot of people like to start their day with a huge cup of coffee that they think will get them through the day. Actually, smaller and more frequent doses of caffeine are much more effective than one large dose. Whenever you’re feeling tired, drink a small cup of coffee.

6. Workout Motivator

While coffee has a mild diuretic effect to dehydrate you, the caffeine that it provides is more than enough support to get you to exercise. The increase of adrenaline allows you to push yourself harder than normal, and it also helps release fatty acids from your fat tissues.
Some coffee 15-45 minutes before a workout is an excellent motivator, but try to bring some water along as well.

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