What Foods We Need to Eat to Keep Our Teeth Healthy and White

To keep the teeth healthy and white a lot more has to be done. Visiting the dentist alone will not help. This includes eating food that helps in whitening the teeth. Here are some of those foods.

Foods that save teeth and gums

  • Carrot is said to have carotene that is beneficial for teeth, gums and bone. They help in keeping them healthy and make teeth whiter. Besides, it strengthens the enamel.
  • Teeth needs calcium. It also needs a dosage of phosphorus because it helps in maintaining the structure of the teeth. Fish is a rich source of phosphorus.
  • Parsley helps in maintaining the strength and whiteness of the teeth.
  • Apples are effective in protecting the teeth from plaques and bad breath. It also acts as a treating agent and repairs the set of teeth present.
  • Kiwi is a rich source of VitaminC which when deficit leads to bleeding of gums.
  • Onion acts as an antibacterial antibiotic. It kills the bacteria inside the mouth.
  • Chicory triggers the flow of blood to the gums effectively.
  • Sesame fights against dental plaque thereby imparting to the strength of the teeth.
  • Cheese has the quantity of salt good enough to maintain a proper pH. Once ph is maintained, bacteria barely gets to establish its flora.
  • Green tea is house to catechins which fight against such problems. It helps in maintaining a fresh breath.

Rinse the inside of your mouth everytime you have a meal. It keeps away from bacterial flora.

There are many teeth colouring agents. Let us take a look at some of them.

  • Green tea and white tea are the ones that contribute to any sort of colouring. Lemon can be added to these to make it neutral.
  • Red wine masters the art of colouring the teeth. To get away with it wash your mouth with clean water.
  • Juices that are freshly extracted have high acidity contents in them. Make sure that you have the source of the juice as a whole instead.
  • Beets and bilberries are said to be a house of chromogens which impart colour to the teeth.
  • Spices are said to be perfect colouring agents. What you are supposed to do is drink green tea with lemon to get rid of the colouring easily.
  • Soy sauce and balsamic vinegar leave remnants equivalent to dark black spots.
  • Colourful soda leave behind colours.

There are quite alot of bleaching agents. Let us take a look at those as well.

  • Pear helps in getting rid of plaques and provides a massage therapy to the gums.
  • Pumpkin is the best bleaching agent. Add it in anything that is not fried to get the best out of it.
  • Strawberry is a house to apple acids which works to remove dental plaque.
  • Got black spots? Well well, be friends with fresh Broccoli.
  • Celery takes a step against dental plaques and makes the teeth white.
  • Orange is a house to citrus fruits which helps in whitening the teeth. However, sensitivity of mouth and teeth and gums should be kept away from these.
  • Parsley is a bleaching agent. All you have to do is, take a small piece into mouth while you wash your mouth.


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