The Love Calendar: Find Out What Your Birth Month Says About Your Love Life

According to the principles of numerology, a person’s birth month can reveal a lot about their character. This aspect of numerology has been further substantiated by scientific evidence. Scientists claim that the month of birth can affect everything from a chosen career to attitude. Just for illustration, July-born people are generally more optimistic through life, but they are also more inclined to having vision problems.

Let’s look at your life’s love side.


f you are born in the first month of the year, you are extremely charismatic, and people are drawn to you. You will always have the partner of your choice. You are quite a romantic at heart, and when you find ‘the one’, you don’t hold back when it comes to showing them what they mean to you. Your utmost priority is always to keep your partner happy. You also have this amazing knack of keeping the peace at home. You are the ideal lover!


Romantic on the inside not outside. Superstitious and ludicrous. They love making friends, but rarely show it. Extravagant.They spend a lot of time searching for their soul mate because a relationship is their priority. They are also susceptible to depression or codependency if they fail to find that special someone to love. Being great empaths, February-born people enjoy caring for others and make great parents.


hey have a natural inclination for fame. They can make a lot of money, but also lose it just as quickly. They are prone to cheating, and commitment is not their thing. Plus, they’re more prone to addiction and vices than people born in other months. These people have a tendency to never grow up, but this is the trait that makes so charming.They’re affectionate, but also shy and reserved. Secretive. Innately honest, kind and compassionate. They love peace and serenity. They’re sensitive to others, but get angered easily. Moody. Trustworthy and grateful. Observant and good judge of character. Vengeful. They love dreaming and fantasizing. They love traveling. They love attention, but often make hasty decisions when choosing partners.

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