14 People Who Took Creativity To Another Level

Being creative doesn’t involve the perfect paint strokes or a well thought landscape to draw. Creativity needs an individual to desire for something beyond imagination. A sane person is always stuck in getting the perfection. While a creative person is always ready to take up risks in order to build something new.

Everybody have drawn a landscape in their art class during school that contained 2 to 3 mountains of exact same length of slanted lines drawn through scale and a sun either rising or setting between two mountains with scattered rays perfectly drawn through scale. From the mountain flows the river carrying water in the village where one hut is always present with a door wide open for anyone to enter. then along with the hut stands a single tree. This is what normal person did in their art class. But what about the genius students? Well, they show their creativity by including V- shaped birds in the sky with black sketch pen. One smaller tree is drawn to give company to the bigger one. Some students also draw a human shaped being through geometrical signs standing outside of the hut who is assumed to be the owner of the house.

Likewise, there are various people that do some creative work, scroll down to have a look at their art.

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