This Is How You Should Be Applying Concealer

Hello ladies! Concealer isn’t a new product in the beauty and makeup world. Yet, so many of us find difficulty in applying it properly. This thing that can ease up the process of hiding black spots, freckles, dark circles etc. And that’s exactly what makes it necessary for most of us. Now, let’s jump back to the original question-” How to apply a concealer”. There is a group of people that find it very easy to apply, but they’ve a complain that it looks maked up! And there’s no use of makeup if it doesn’t make you look originally gorgeous. Hence, we should better switch the question to- ” How to apply a concealer properly”.

Now that we know the uses of concealer, let’s begin with how to apply it properly.

Step by step process:-


Step 1:- Identify your skin type

The first step is for you to know your skin type and colour. Because that’s how you choose the product.

• Choose a concealer that matches your skin tone perfectly. It’ll give you an even and more natural look. It won’t give the artificial look to you.

• Apply a little of concealer on your skin and check if it perfectly blends or not.

• In case of pigmentation, birthmarks, and dark circles, always use one tone lighter shade as it will mask them.

• It’s available in both liquid and powder form. The liquid form is usually for dry and scaly skin whereas the powdered one suits best for oily skin.

Step 2:- Clean your face before application

• The next step is to wash your face with a gentle face wash and pat it dry.

• Now, you can apply a moisturizer depending on your skin type. Concealer forms the base of any makeup.

• If you’ve dark circles under your eyes, you need to learn how to properly conceal them.

• The eyes are usually the first area where you need to apply concealer. When trying to cover dark circles, go for a concealer with a shade or two lighter than your skin as it will give you the perfect look. No uneven patches, only flawless skin.

• You can apply it there by using a makeup brush or merely your fingertips.

• Taking sufficient amount of concealer on the brush and gently dab it under the eyes. Spread it evenly over the surface so that it blends completely. Always start from the inside corner of the under eyes and move outwards till the dark circles are completely hidden.

• Never rub the under eye surface as it may end up damaging your sensitive skin. To get the flawless look, dab some powder on the ridges of nostrils or the nose lines for uniformity.

• It is equally important to apply concealer around the brows of the eyes and the on the base of the eyelids. If you have a mark or a black spot on these regions, use a pencil concealer and hide the marks. In case the mark is spread across the region, apply a primer first and then dab the area with concealer powder. With a brush spread it evenly on the surface. Be very gentle while spreading the concealer. The eye region has very soft skin and can be damaged easily. Never rub the surface.

Step 3:- Hide the acnes and other marks using concealer

• Now is the time when you need to apply concealer on the marks and blemishes. Take sufficient quantity of concealer and start applying on the needed areas.

• Dab the concealer gently and spread with a make-up brush. It is better to give outward strokes along with circular movement while spreading the cosmetic on the face. This will blend it in a perfect way.

• To set it better, apply a layer of foundation over your entire face followed by a compact powder. This will also give you an even skin tone.

• Now, here’s the thing. Concealer will only help you hide the spots and imperfections for a small time. After a few hours, they’ll start to reappear. You can apply some more compact powder to make sure that it stays longer.

So, now you know all that needs to be done. Hope you liked the article. Do share your views with us in the comments. Stay beautiful!

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