15 Everyday Items That You Didn’t Know Use Of!

Hello everybody! There are a hell lot of things that you use on a daily basis. Most of them are the one’s you’ve full information about, while there are some things that you never noticed the uses of! Keen to know about them, stick with us. Here we give you a list of 15 such things that you didn’t knew were if what use? All of them have a meaning and it’s for us to tell and you to discover! So, let’s begin.


1. Ever thought why the letters in the keyboard aren’t placed alphabetically?

Imagine how easy it would have been if all the letters were placed alphabetically! As a kid, many of you might have questioned the order. But, the true answer is unknown to many. Earlier, the typewriters had the alphabets written in alphabetical order. But, typing on them became difficult as the typewriters would get jammed easily. Considering the problem, the alphabets which were frequently used were placed together which made typing game easy breezy!

2. Extra fabric patch on elbows? why?

This must have catched each one’s eyes and many must have derived a logic behind this too. The trend was initiated by the people who were associated with the military since; they had to crawl on their elbows and, this would save their clothes from getting torn easily. Afterwards, the hunters used this style as it helped them with their work. So, it’s basically to protect your clothes from being torn off due to excess friction.

3. Waffle cones origin

Well, no question. We all love eating ice-cream in those waffle cones. But, not many know the story of this yummy origin Previously, the ice creams were sold in a penny lick ice cream glasses which were washed with water so that they can be re-used by multiple ice-cream buyers. However, it had a drawback. The buyers had to stand in lines for quite a long time to taste the i e cream of their choice. In 1904, when the waffle booth was empty because everyone gathered around the penny glasses, the waffle seller rolled the waffle into a cone and started selling the ice-cream in that. Thanks to the idea of the waffle seller, the idea was welcomed by everyone. It’s well said- necessity is the mother of invention. And not to forget, the doctors liked the idea too as penny glasses caused tuberculosis!

4. That black little hole! Why?

Okay, so that little thing must not have grabbed big attention. However, it’s there for a big deal! Well, that is a noise-cancelling microphone which is used to nullify the noisy sounds playing in the background and, helps to clarify the speaker’s voice.

5. Sneakers have rubber toe toppers! But why?

Sneakers weren’t made for fashion and style. They were made for the basketball players and the rubber that you see, was in order to protect the players from damaging their foot. They were made with hard rubber for further protection. However, changing trends led to the modification of the white rubber to make the sneakers more attractive.

6. Sneaker holes

Those holes in the sneakers are for your feet to get enough ventilation so that they get extra ground for breathing and so that they don’t get sweaty.

7. That cylindrical part of the charger has uses dear!

This cylindrical part of charger got some great uses. And you would regret calling it useless. They are known as ferrite beads. When connected with the device, it helps to curb high-frequency noises and, saves them from electromagnetic noise.

8. The bumps at the bottom of the bottle!

No, they’re not there to make the bottle look any better. It’s a symbol used during the production process to figure out the products with the faulty manufacture.

9. Parkas splitting at the end, why?

If you’re eager to know, the parkas were made for military people. The splits at the back of the parka at that time were long enough to help the soldiers to cover their legs to save them from biting cold. However, as it became a fashion statement, it was modified into a smaller size.

10. The cuts on the back of a banquette are for a reason too!

Two reasons pop up for explaining this phenomenon! Number 1 goes for the ease of baking it. Many bakers say that it is done so that it can be baked easily without any cracks in the oven. While, the other reason states that the cuts make it look more palatable.

11. Loafers with tassels- why?

Tried these ever? Well, if yes, you must be intrigued by the origin here. Nils Tveranger, a shoemaker, was completely fascinated by the Norwegian footwear because their shoes had tassels which could be used to tighten or loosen the shoe so that it can fit the size of the foot.There the man decided to combine Indian moccasins and the tassels giving birth to a completely new trend of loafers.

12. Why do we have a loop at the back of shirts?

As many people, as many opinions. But, this thing is there for a reason for sure. Some say it’s for attaching a tie, while some consider it for hanging purpose.

13. Why pin codes have only 4 digits?

Okay, so the reason here is going to make you a little sick. But, it is what it is! A Scottish inventor named James Goodfellow, in 1996, invented a 6 digit PIN code for securing the bank accounts of the people. However, Goodfellow’s wife complained that it was not easy for her to memorise the entire 6 digit PIN and, due to this reason James shortened the code to 4 digits.

14. Why do we have fur on our hoods?

This was genuinely just for protecting the exposed face from the chilly winds. The whole body used to be covered, except for the face. So, they stitched pieces of fur to the hood. Little did the inventers knew, that it would become a fashion statement.

15. Why is the piggy bank shaped like a pig?

If you’re gonna say that because it’s named “piggy”, you’re absolutely right! Actually, it was pygg jars in the earlier times im medieval England. However, with time, people misinterpreted pygg as pig and so comes the design!

So, which one did you find the most interesting and new! Tell us in the comments.

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