10 Life Hacks That Will Actually Save Your Day

Hello ladies! So, how has life been? We presume-” a beautiful mess”. Mess because however much you try, there’s always something that goes wrong for a women. Especially in our daily routines. Sometimes the dresses seem not to fit, while somedays the makeup goes wrong. Only women’s know how difficult it is to be a women, and we admire your strength.

Well, coming to the point. We’ve some lifehacks all lined up for you, to make your life, a little more easy. So, are you ready for it. Let’s begin!

1. Tight jeans

Okay, so you can’t buy jeans every month when you get some extra inches around your waist. That’s awful, especially when your jeans is brand new! So, let’s just make an amazing use of hair tie and make it easier and comforting to wear that jeans.

Just, wrap it around the button of your jeans and then loop it out through the buttonhole while winding it twice and then bind it to the button again. And there, we’re done with the problem.

2. Sweater fuzz

Here’s a common winter problem. Nope, not the dry skin, but the hiding fuzz on your lints are the things to worry about. Afterall it spoils your entire fashion. It also makes your sweater or woolens look old. All you have to do to prevent such catastrophe is to take a brand new razor and work it along the surface of the clothing affected by fuzz or you can take help of a Pumice stone and run it over the lints to bring back the sleek look.

3. Smooth zippers

The most irritating moment for you is that you’re running late and your zip isn’t going to take any less time to waste. But hey, your zip can be fixed even if your loss of time couldn’t. All you need is a pencil. Rub the graphite tip on both lanes of the zipper to ensure an effortless movement.

4. Hard to clean heels

Heels not only enhance, but also hold the power to destroy your look! Especially when you’ve not bothered cleaning them.

No problem, as it won’t take much time. Just take a baby wipe and clean both the outside and inside of the heels.

5. Stinky shoes

You don’t wanna be the center of attraction for bad reasons, do you? Then you need to do something about those stinky pair of shoes as that’s going to create a mess for you. Not only does it miscreates your image, but is also not healthy for your feet.

One of the effective ways to get rid of such smell is to place some Feuillet sheets within the shoes. Placing baking soda in baking cups and putting them inside the shoes for a day or two will be helpful as well.

6. Clean white shoes

White shoes don’t look pleasant even if there’s a little dirt over them. They’re hard to maintain, but only for those who don’t know the hack. Grab a used brush, put some toothpaste on that (preferably ones with a high content of Calcium Carbonate) and rub it along the discoloured spots and then wash it off with water.

7. Cleaning suede

These are high maintenance and can easily lose their shine.

Using a nail-filer to efface the dirt will restore it to its previous glory!

8. Cleaning silver

Ketchup is tasty, but it can also help you with shining your silver ornaments.

All you have to do is to dab some ketchup onto a clean cloth and rub the silver ornament with it.

9. Sweat patches

Sweat can be okay and normal, but sweat marks are a big no. But, don’t worry. We got this covered too! Just attach a panty liner to the inside of your dress (especially under the armpits) and you’re off to a rocking start of your day.

10. Laundry marks

Have you noticed some white marks over your dress after it came back from laundry? That’s disturbing and disappointing. But, not to worry. You don’t need to wash your clothes entirely. Just take some baby wipes and wipe off that area. Let it dry for a minute or two. And there, you’re done.

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