OMG! This Is How The Cartoon Characters Look All Grown Up!

Hello cartoonies! No offence, that’s what we would call all of them, including us, who watched cartoon network in their childhood days. Well, I watched plenty of cartoons while growing up and it all came in a sequence, so i usually guessed which one was coming next. Now, today being grown up, it’s worth reminiscing how beautiful those days were. And how would those cartoon characters look, if they all aged as us? Don’t overthink it, as we’ve got some heart winning sketches collected that were made by an artist. It shows how those characters would have looked, if they all aged! So, sit tight for this rollercoaster journey!

1. Dexter Boy Genius By Eich Chen

This guy has grown into a hot and handsome man- no doubt. And look at the shadow of her sister! The inseparable bond still exists!

2. Old man bravo by Adnan Ali

This man hasn’t lost any of his muscles even in his old age! But still, all the grandmas find a reason to reject him.

3. Ed, Edd And Eddy by Bloochikin

The trio makes me whistle- Remember the theme song?

4. The grown up Powerpuff Girls by Rich Fischer

The girls have grown up to be super hot! I still remember the beginning experiment. Do you?

5. Be. 10,000 by Miguel Velarde

I wonder how Kevin and Gwen, and Julie would be looking like! Though, Ben is looking hot!

6. All grown up: Codename kids next door by Isaiah Stephens

7. Captain Flapjack by Josceline Fenton

8. YP Powerpuffs by TheK40

Here comes another version for the grown up Powerpuff girls.

9. Steven Universe by Jorn Siberian

10. The teen adventures of Billy and Mandy by Ceshira

Billu is still the same, and will always be!

11. Dexter and Dee Dee Ego Trip redesigned by Wickfield

Some things never change. Dexter will still be experimenting and Dee Dee will still be the spoiler!

12. Old Mojo Jojo by Patcas

Even the villians use to be funny in our childhood days. Want proof? Here you go!

13. Mac and Frankie Foster by Aeolous06

They’re just adorable!

14. Veteran Commander Mordecai and Rigby by Ifesinachi orjiekwe

Seems both of them spend a lot of time in the gym! What are they upto by the way?

15. Fin and Marceline grow up by Malengil

So, which one did you find amazing? Tell us in the comments!

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