Warm or Cold Water? Make Your Choice and See What Happens to Your Body

Ever thought about the transparent, tasteless, odourless, and nearly colourless chemical substance that is the main constituent of Earth’s streams, lakes, and oceans, and the fluids of most living organisms , wait i’m just talking about water for your information. We human beings never miss a chance to explore the options around us or not even hesitate to create some. With water too we have created two categories : Hot water and cold water.

Ever thought that the water that you drink so casually be it hot or cold has it’s own pros and cons. So is it bad to drink hot water or cold water ? How much should we drink then?

Don’t worry in this article we are gonna address all your queries. So let’s begin




On a hot summer day when sun is tantalizing you what you desire for is a glass of ice chilled water. It acts as coolant during summer in warm regions people are prone to heat strokes , it helps in cooling body’s temperature and can prevent the body from overheating.



  1. Constricts blood vessels thus reducing the water absorption ability and hydration. lowers your heart rate.


2. Drinking it after a meal causes excessive mucus build-up, which caters to various ailments. Hence hindering digestion.

3. It saps energy




                                                         WARM WATER

Most people drink hot water as a holistic health remedy .That’s the first thing in the morning or right before bed for optimal health benefit. More specifically, water should be warmed to between 120°F and 140°F. Avoid exceeding temperatures of 160 degrees. Not only this it has many benefits.


  1. It removes toxins from the body

Warm water aids in removing these toxins from the body and cleanses the system, especially kidneys. It also promotes perspiration thereby not only cooling the body but also removing unwanted particles. It also helps in purifying the bloodstream and frequent urination.


2. It improves digestion.

Activates the digestive system and improves its performance. It also makes the breakdown of oily food easier by making the solid food semisolid before it is absorbed by the intestine.


3. It prevents premature aging


4. reduces pain

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