Signs That You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring If You Want To Stay Healthy

Health is the most precious thing and you should protect it at any cost. You surely don’t want your life to revolve around the hospital bed forever. So, you need to notice every single change in your body and never take it casually. You never know what reason is behind the sudden change, and that calls for you to visit your doctor. Remember, even the irregularities in your body’s hormones are needed to be taken seriously. But, what about the signs that actually seem casual, but are indicative of diseases in reality or a problem with your body system. Don’t worry, we’ve enlisted some of the signs that seem quite normal and get ignored, but needs to be taken care of.

1. You often get tired, especially after a minor cold and it’s really difficult for you to breathe

While it may seem normal for some to feel tired after a cold. But it can be something more that you should be worrying about. What if you were suffering from hidden pneumonia. Pneumonia has symptoms like long lasting cough and fever, but hidden pneumonia is also an enemy to your health. If you recently had a cold and still have difficulties breathing, especially after non-intensive workouts, or you feel extremely tired after a working day, it’s possible that you’re suffering fron hidden pneumonia. Other symptoms include whistling while exhaling and inhaling, irritability, and pallor. So, you must visit a doctor in such cases.

2. There is a bump under your skin located anywhere on the body

Lumps on your body can not be just due to some minor insect bite or something. They can be oncogenic in origin too. So, if you see lumps in certain places like over your breasts or in the groin, do visit a doctor. However, they could turn out to be lipomas or atheromas (varieties of wens or cysts) that are relatively harmless, but there is always a chance of them being symptoms of more serious diseases.

3. You’ve excessive hair loss

Do you blame just the pollution for your hair loss. That’s not fair enough. Your hormones are to be blamed equally. An increase or decrease in their amount can create a horrible scenario, not only inside your body, but on the outside too. Hair loss can be caused due to hormonal imbalance too. And that’s where keeping a check on your thyroid health becomes important. Hair cells are the “quickest” in our bodies to duplicate, which is why hormonal changes affect them first and lead to the slowing down of hair growth, hair thinning, hair weakening and eventually, hair loss. But, if you have irritability and fatigue, weight changes and irregular menstruation cycles in addition to hair loss; you surely need to visit an endocrinologist rather than a trichologist.

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