10 mistakes that Prevent us from Looking Perfect

Looking perfect is hard. Well, no one said it’s impossible. Perfection is required by all but achieved by some. The reason behind it is quite simple! One who achieves perfection has done some mistakes, learnt from them and well, overcome them.

Fashion is a field where perfection is difficult to gain due to the changing trends. But well, you can be beautiful and perfect in your way. But if you still look towards to avoid the simple mistake that are hurdles in your way to perfection , then don’t worry. We have you covered.

The following article includes 10 mistakes that people unknowingly make in their life which leads to the imperfections.


When you know you have to work with a hectic schedule why do you still leave an important question of ” What to wear to work?” for the morning routine. Rather than wearing anything that you put your hand on, in a hurry , you should decide your clothes before time so that you do not have to go through the hustle of wasting time over clothes in the morning.

Not dressing for the Weather

And we mean the weather, not the season. A mink coat just doesn’t look right on a rainy day — even if it’s late December. Neither is it advisable to wear fine silk stockings in freezing weather. It’s better to be conscious of your health and learn to dress stylishly, yet warmly. Look through your wardrobe and separate all your things into two groups: warm wear and light clothes. Everything that doesn’t fit the current weather should be consigned out of sight!


Wearing high heels for walking on cobblestones or donning a cocktail dress for a day at the office will do nothing to improve your image. Price and brand are not important in cases like these — such choices of clothes always look out of place and inappropriate. Ultimately, wearing the wrong type of clothes makes you feel downright clumsy. It is always useful to find out the dress code and the format of the event in advance. Do not allow the desire to show off your latest wardrobe additions to prevail over common sense!

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