18 Daily Life Instances That We Can All Relate To!

Life is a daily mess, someway or the other. It can never ever go perfectly the way you wanted to, despite of all the schedules that you made. Something always go wrong, and sometimes it’s more of awkward than wrong. These are the situations where we should be actually laughing rather than getting serious and sitting sad. So, we’re here with an entire list of situations that we face in our day to day life.

1. That “Oops” moment!

2. That “Thanks but no thanks” smile

3. Bruh! Don’t you get that?

4. Hahaha!!! That was really funny man even if i didn’t get that joke- ever experienced?

5. Sorry, that wasn’t even my fault!

6. Being the cool fool!

7. I didn’t do that intentionally!

8. Anybody else into hollywood?

9. Excuse me ma’am, but I’m least interested in your butt!

10. I ask- Why???

11. Cause you’re just an “fbf”

12. Now only the almighty can save me!!

13. Mam and mom differ just by a letter afterall!

14. Yeah yeah man, you’re right!

15. Am i the secret reason?

16. Hey car owner, you think you own the street, let me pass- please!!

17. Expression says it all!

18. Umm, it wasn’t me!

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