Know Different Types Of Noses And Their Related Personalities

Every individual is unique in its own self. We all have different and unique appearances, and if the identical twins are left out as exceptions, no two individuals look alike. There are so many facial features that make us look different. And when we observe a bit more closely, we can conclude that our facial features are basically of a few types only. Now, if we tell you that there are 8 types of nose, and each nose represents a particular personality, how would you react! Well, it’s actually true. There are basically 8 types of nose and each represents a unique personality.

Well, you can know your own too. Just find out which nose type is yours, and get to know what your personality is.

1. The Nubian nose

This type of nose has the downward pointing tip, and the bridge of it always remains straight and rigid. The downward tip defines that the person is down to earth and humble. Their defining trait is humility. These are expressive and curious personalities. They have a great desire to understand and live more. They’re even polite to the people who are jealous of them. They’re the most genuine people you will ever meet on earth.

2. The greek nose

People possessing such nose are dominating personalities. This type of nose are narrow and have a pointed tip. The ancient Greek sculptors possessed this type of nose, hence it’s name. Pragmatism and prudence are the defining traits of these personalities. They’re good secret keepers, therefore are trustful. Actually, they’re the most loyal type of people in the world. They’ve charming personalities and they add a sense of intrigue to it.

3. The hook nose

This nose may seem like the beak of a bird. The arch is in the downward form and is having the curved tip. People with this type of nose are usually thoughtful and opinionated. They are the keepers of uniqueness when it comes to views, ideas and opinions about any work. If any new information comes up, they don’t hesitate and speak openly. These people have a self sacrificing nature, where they help others before themselves.

4. The arched nose

The bridge of this type of nose os curved and the tip is pointed. These people have a sharp and ambitious attitude. These personalities fall under the category of losers and pioneers. They’ve the ability to detest the people and punish those at fault. They are efficient, have well-organised thoughts, and are sophisticated in nature.

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