Shaving vs Waxing

Everything comes with a price so is the beauty. Women and men daily go through the same debate of what to wear. But the choices for the male section is way too easy than females. While people believe that women are too fond of pink it is quite possible that she cannot wear her favorite pink top at all times. This refers that the unwanted hair growth becomes a hindrance in the most unfortunate way.

A women while choosing her attire have to consider the fact that the evil hair growth cannot let her wear a sleeveless top or a short skirt because it indeed looks gross. So to avoid being embarrassed in public women are have to get rid of unwanted hair by will or by force. For doing this there are two ways. Some women favors the shaving whereas some prefer waxing. Undoubtedly, they both have some good and some bad points.

Continue reading further to find out whether waxing gives shaving a tough competition or not. There will be seven rounds for a fair game.

Round 1- Ease Of Use

Waxing: It is pretty difficult to wake up in the morning heat up some wax and with great difficulties put on that hot was on your skin and rip off your body hair. It takes a lot more time, concentration and patience. And you ain’t got that much of time if you have an early day in office and a meeting to lead.

Shaving; Put on some shaving cream and go zoop zoop zoop. It’s easier but you run the risk of cutting yourself. So pay a little heed, and you are good to go.

Winner: Shaving.

Round 2 – Hair Regrowth Time

Waxing: Since it uproots your body hair from the absolute root, the growth of hair will take a long time.

Shaving: Is more superficial. You can see the roots still there even after shaving thoroughly. Hence the regrowth of your body hair is faster.

Winner: Waxing.

Round 3 – Pain And Discomfort 

Waxing: Undoubtedly it is one of the most painful things that we ladies have to go through. Starting from the hot wax on your skin to the pain to rip them off and going on and on until the hair is completely gone it’s all very painful.

Shaving: It can be a little painful if you nitch yourself. I would recommend using sufficient amount of shaving cream or gel to avoid cutting yourself.

Winner: Shaving.

Round 4 – Time Taken 

Winner: Shaving.

Round 5- Price 

Waxing: It is expensive whether you call a professional at home or get it done at a parlor, or even do it yourself. The supplies for waxing are expensive, and if you get professional help, you will be charged for each body part they wax.

Shaving: It requires a razor, a set of blades and shaving cream or gel – all three of which can be purchased at a lower price.  And since you don’t need a professional for shaving yourself, you save a lot too.

Winner: Shaving.

Round 6 – Suitability For Sensitive Skin

Waxing: You might as well forget about it if you have sensitive skin. It will cause you a lot of irritation and maybe rashes too.

Shaving is more or less okay if you have sensitive skin. At least as long as you do it right, which means using the right products and shaving in the right direction.

Winner: Shaving.

Round 7 – Hygiene

Each of them can be unhygienic to a certain degree.

Waxing: Is more unhygienic of the two. Moreover, if you do it in the parlor, the products and supplies they use are common for everyone and it can be extremely unhygienic.

Shaving: Just one point to remember, to change the blades if you are using someone else’s razor, other than that you are good to go.

Winner: Shaving.

Ultimate Winner: Shaving. Since it wins 6 out of 7 rounds.

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