30 Beauty Hacks And Truths Every Woman Should Be Aware Of Before Turning 30.

Nowadays, hitting the score 30 means that you have already 40s. However, it is extremely significant when it comes to the field of beauty. What we plan to do and what really happens are totally opposite to each other. It becomes difficult to tackle with the changes. Here are the following hacks which will help you through this process.

  1. Skin care is alot more than the face. If face is being taken care of, it is essential to work downwards and take proper care of them. Moisturise properly and apply sunscreen on all the parts that are exposed.

  1. The most boring hair product is the one that is extremely essential. Following every rule and principle of life is important, irrespective of how boring it gets. The same goes for hair. Apply a hair product that provides protection from the heat of the blower or straightener.
  2. Fear no foundation in the world of makeup products. They act as moisturisers as well.
  3. Bedtime nap is essential. It is important to get a beauty sleep of seven to nine hours since it helps in retaining the beauty that we have. College days went well with a sleep which barely used to cover seven hours of sleep. However, it does not good to our skin after we hit 30s.
  4. However, if you fail in doing the above-mentioned point, all you can do is apply primer and concealer on the puffy areas around the eyes and a bit of makeup. That will do all good and you are ready to start the day.
  5. Lack of sleep does no good to skin. It leads to formation of dark circles. It leaves the skin sleep deprived and dehydrated. It also gives a tired look to our face.
  6. Lush brows should be as important as the filters on Instagram. According to studies, eyebrows with a lot of arches make you look younger in their ways.

  1. Sunscreen is your skin’s best friend. Applying sunscreen can get boring. It is highly recommended by any dermatologist to apply sunscreen. It helps in keeping the skin hydrated, soft and supple and give you a younger look. Applying on all the exposed areas can help anyone to prevent their skin from getting damaged. However,the way you treat your skin in earlier days matter alot.
  2. Grey hair should not be the reason to panic. Amazingly efficient root coverup products help you cover every strand of hair before you dye them. Therefore, it is an effective solution.
  3. Mixing makeup colours often satisfies us as well get to a colour or shade that totally defines us. Therefore, mixing of makeup colours is surely something that you should try as it defines you and helps you look smart.
  4. An anti-aging skin care is  something that is overwhelming. However, you should definitely try out using products that contain retinol to do the job.
  5. Talk to people who have good hair. Talk to those who have the type of hairstyle you often dream about and fail at achieving. Next time when you see someone like that, do not hesitate in walking up to them and noting down what they followed.

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