22 Genius eyeliner tricks every woman should be aware of

Where might the world be without eyeliner? Would Adele even be Adele without her winged liner? Would Kim Kardashian even have a “characteristic” cosmetics hope to swing to without her not one, not two, but rather three eyeliners? It’s a dismal, frightening spot to envision. However, despite the fact that eyeliner is a basic piece of our cosmetics schedule, it’s not precisely simple to deal with.

When we got to know which eyeliner to use in which situation, we went chasing for the best hacks to make wearing it simple as hellfire. Here are the best eyeliner traps each lady should know.

Use the following and never regret again:

  • Let your eye makeup sustain for a longer time by setting your eyeliner with the perfect eye shadow.

  • For messy liquid eyeliners, use a pencil liner.


  • Less pigmented eyeshadow with white eyeliner= vibrant combination.


  • Create a shade of eyeliner of your type with a wet liner brush and eyeshadow.


  • Liquid liner should be used to make a thick arch to create the perfect line in case of monoids


  • Eye lifting is made easy by using a white liner as brow lifter. 


  • Warm the tip of kohl liner with a lighter to make your own gel liner.


  • Draw a rough line when you start and sharpen it with a swab and a petroleum jelly. 

  • Tightening the liner in between the lashes give it a natural look. 

  • Make dots and join them to simplify the ways to draw a straight line.

  • Creating an eye-opening ombré effect by fading and blending a lighter colour into an eyeliner of darker shade is worth a try. 


  • For mastering the shape of cat cat eye, use the edges and curves of a spoon. 


  • Freeze the eyeliner for 10 minutes to remove the crumbling effect of the eyeliner before applying it. 


  • Use skin coloured eyeliner to fix smudges. 


  • The idea of using the edge of a business card and tracing it out to get a perfect flick is worth a go. 


  • Lining the waterline of the lower part of the eye with a white eyeliner makes the eyes look bigger. 


  • Glitter liner when applied transforms the way you look from day to night. 


  • Hashtags help in getting a perfect smokey eye look. All you have to do is draw one on the outer corner of the eyelid and smudge it. 


  • Draw a flick towards your eye to get a better precision of the angle of winged eyeliner. 


  • Use a brush to act as a chaperone in letting mascara act as a liner brush. 


  • Brown eyeliner gives a better flattering look than a black one. 


  • Clear tape for a perfect cat cye is no fail.

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