Know Different Types Of Noses And Their Related Personalities

5. The button nose

Majority of people possess this type of nose, that is small and dainty. They have the short nose , but significant height. They’re very kind, spontaneous, determined and usually engaged in multiple activities. They mostly rely on their own instincts, rather than that of others. They feel that they’ll get what they want, so they don’t force for things.

6. The straight nose

This type of nose is characterized by flat bridge, wide nostrils, and the rounded tip. People possessing this type of nose have control over their emotions and also possess immense willpower. They also have the ability to read others emotions and thus, have high degree of empathy. They’re usually patient and calm, but if you provoke them, they won’t stay silent.

7. The concave nose

These people can be identified by the small arch on the bridge of their nose. They usually have a short and sharp tip. They’re highly sensitive and compassionate types of people. They get hurt very quickly. They also possess deel emotions, but do not express it in front of the public. They can hide their heaviest burdens behind their smile. These people are very soft hearted, so don’t try to cut them off. However, they’ll never complain about that.

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