14 Beauty Secrets That will make your Life Easier’s

We all love good beauty tricks and tips, so we’ve turned up some amazing beauty tricks in one place which are favourite of beauty editors, beauty bloggers, and makeup artists.

Thicken your eyelashes

To get thick and bold eyelashes without using false lashes, you just need two things – mascara and powder. Apply first coat of mascara, a layer of powder and second coat of mascara.


Perfect Eyeliner

Every girl loves liner and wants to apply like a Pro. And when we are talking about liners, liquid liner is love as its smudge free and long lasting but don’t use it much as it is difficult to apply. So, here is a trick to achieve a well lined and mess-free liner. Line your eyes first with Pencil liner, because it’s easy to use it and then apply liquid liner. It exactly what most of the professional does.

Want a Gel Liner effect

You don’t have a gel liner and wants an effect like it. So, all you need is pencil liner and a flame(lighter or candle). Heat the Pencil liner and apply it.


Smooth and Shiny Hair

If you have to go somewhere and don’t have much time to go for the spa, then don’t worry you can get shiny and silky hair at home just by Baby oil. Yes, you read it right. What you have to do is to apply baby oil on your wet hair after the shower. You can use this trick every time as it is damage free.

Get rid of oily hair

Don’t have the time to wash the hair and your hair are oily. You can put powder on your scalp line and rub it to get oil free hair.  If you have brown hair you can mix brown eyeshadow or coffee powder with powder.


Store your makeup products in refrigerator

Summer has arrived, and to save your makeup products from the deadly heat is to keep it in a refrigerator. Always keep your Lipstick, Eye Cream, Lotions and Nail paint in the refrigerator. It not only saves your product but also make you feel cool when you apply it.


Get rid of Yellow Nail

Yellow nails look ugly and can embarrass you in public. To get rid of it and to remove yellow stains you need a half cup of water, one spoon of hydrogen peroxide and four spoons of baking powder. Mix everything in a bowl and dip your finger in it. It instantly removes yellow stains and makes your nails beautiful.


Set your nail paint instantly

Pour your hand in the ice cold water to set the nail paint instantly.


Always keep your Makeup brush clean

Clean your makeup brush at regular interval of time. To clean and kill the bacteria, all you need the perfect brush cleaning solution as follow: Mix one cup of water with one tbsp dish soap and 2 tbsp vinegar. Soak the brush in it and then rinse it normal water.


Fix chapped Lips

If you want to fix your bad chapped lips all you need to keep the green tea bag or chamomile on lips for five minutes. It will make your lips little hydrated.


The perfect way to apply lipstick

If you want to apply lipstick perfectly line your lips.


Long lasting and matte lip color

To keep your lip color long lasting and to give a matte finish apply the first coat of lipstick then blot it with the tissue paper, then reapply the lipstick and dust it lightly with the powder.


Red lipstick to cover dark circles

Red lipstick is the thing that every girl have. It can use to cover dark circles by applying lipstick under the eye followed by concealer on it. It will neutralize the color.


Coconut oil and vaseline as a makeup remover

Instead of investing money on expensive makeup remover you can use coconut oil or vaseline to remove your makeup. It also helps in the nourishment of the skin.



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