Have You Noticed Why Men’s And Women’s Shirt Buttons Are On The Opposite Sides? Check Here

Yeah, it is! Don’t believe us, check it for yourself. I bet, most of us never noticed this difference. Well, it’s too different to be differentiated, we think. This doesn’t make sense, right? It would have been understood if the majority women’s would have been left handed, but that’s not the case. So, why would the tailors do that? If your mind is intrigued to know the answer, stay with us as we have some reasonable explanations.

The reason has its origin in the past customs practiced by people, and there are several theories that are associated with it. Here are few of the most convincing theories:-

1. The Victorian Era Legacy

One reasonable explanation of the buttoning scheme lies in the Victorian era. Guessing how? Well, in the Victorian era, buttons were very costly and could be afforded by only a few, making it a status symbol. Usually, it was the upper cast women’s that used to keep it on their dress. At the same time, these rich women’s used to be dressed up by the plenty of attendants in their service. The tailors and the dressmakers soon realised that if they switched sides of the buttons, it would become easier for the attendants to do their job. So, they started placing the buttons on the left sides assuming that most people are right handed. Men’s buttons were placed on the right side because men usually used to get dressed by themselves. Their outfits were not as complicated as women’s! So, considering the maximum number of right-handed people, buttons were stitched on the right side in men’s shirts.

2. The strategical placement

This theory states that the placement of buttons on the clothes were to comfort the day to day activities of the respective genders. As men held sword in their right hands, it was easier for them to unbutton their shirts if the buttons were placed on the opposite side. At the same time, the women used to hold their newborn babies on their left, and thus, if they wished to breastfeed their babies, it was easier for them to use their right hand to unbutton their shirt.

Well, the theories continue and there’s a long list of it. But hey, these two make sense atleast. So, share your views and other theories related to the buttoning strategy, if you’ve any in the comments.

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