25 Hair Care Tips That’ll Turn Each Day To A Good Hair Day

Hello ladies! Have you always prayed for your hair to remain the same the entire day as it was while you were leaving home? Well, as we presume that’s the common problem among all of us. And there’s no shampoo or conditioner in the world that can stop the winds to mess up with your hair. But hey, if there’s a problem, a solution is bound to be present and we have listed 25 of them. So, what are you waiting for, check them out!

1. The first tip is to understand and embrace the natural texture of your hair. Love your hair and you’ll ultimately be doing the best thing for it.

2. In case you’re suffering from a problem related to hair loss, you should increase the intake of zinc, and vitamins E and C. It’ll help your body to naturally repair and control hairfall.

3. If your hair isn’t as shiny as you want it to be, there’s nothing better than fish oil to be helping you. It gives you a glow from the inside and makes your strands look natural and healthy.

4. If you’ve a complaint that even after taking good care of your health, your hair is still dry and frizzy, then maybe the chlorine levels in water should be blamed. Use a shower head with filters. It will help reduce the side effects of chlorine on your hair.

5. A healthy scalp is the most important aspect if you want shiny and glossy hair. You should either opt for a regular oil massage or a scalp treatment.

6. Curly hair looks really nice, but don’t you find it a little difficult to manage. What about using a cleansing conditioner that will remove the dirt and nourish your curls.

7. Many of us have heard about the leave in conditioners but not most of us know it’s benefits. They help in maintaining the structure of your curls and protecting your natural strands, especially in warm weather. So, go for a cream based formula.

8. Another one just for the curl lovers. The thicker you wanna keep your curls, the thicker should be the consistency of your styling product.

9. The first step that we take when we see that our hair is getting frizzy is to buy a smoothener or a straightener. But hey, it’s going to make things worse in the long run. Instead, opt for a frizz free serum and protect your hair from all the frizziness.

10. Isn’t it our worst fear that whether the haircut we’re going to take would suit us or not? Well, there’s a simple solution that we would suggest. Take 2 or 3 pictures of the haircut that you want to have, and explain it well to your hairstylist. Trust us, it’ll work well.

11. Whenever you’re in a doubt about which hairstyle to choose, go for a quick braid with some bangs falling over your eyes. That’s enough to give you a chic look.

12. Looking for something that’ll accelerate your hair growth? Go for biotin as it stimulates the growth of thicker and stronger hair.

13. Your hair styling tools are going to play great role in maintaining your hair. So, always choose them wisely. The best brush to opt will be a natural boar bristle brush. It helps in spreading the sebum down the hair shaft evenly. This results in softer and smoother hair texture.

14. If you’ve a complain with your hair turning oily too quickly, some natural remedies may work. Take two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and add half an avocado (crushed) to it. Now, add two to three tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of mayonnaise to it. Mix well and apply this homemade conditioner to your hair and let it stay put for about half an hour. Massage your scalp well for about five minutes and rinse it off with lukewarm water. Repeat it once in 15 days and you’ll find that your hair has become healthy and oil free.

15. Even rinsing your hair with warm water having two to three tablespoons of vinegar is enough to condition your hair. Massage it for some time and then wash your hair with shampoo. This way you can simply skip the conditioner.

16. UV rays not only damage a person’s skin but also the hair. So, whenever you buy a hair care product, make sure it has UV filters so that it shields that protect your hair from the harmful rays of the sun and neutralize the effect of free radicals on your hair.

17. Applying a thickening spray to your regular blowout routine will make the process easy and will also help the hairstyle to stay put for longer. Simply apply it on your hair roots and blow dry your hair using a round brush.

18. If you’ve heard of dry shampoo, you must be knowing how much it works in saving your day and time. Whatever be your hair length, it’ll help your hairstyle stay put and will also prevent your hair from turning messy.

19. Applying some mousse to the mid-lengths of your hair would be absolutely what you need if you want those glam boho waves.

20. A beach spray is all you need if you wanna flaunt beachy, perfectly tousled waves the entire year. It gives your hair a nice wavy texture.

21. Use some texturizers on your hair and see what magic they’re capable of doing to your hair.

22. If you’re the one who is crazy about trying all the new trends and is enthusiastic about trying new looks, hair colour is the best option. Try a different one each time and look simply amazing.

23. Hair colour won’t stay for long if you don’t use a colour treated shampoo and conditioner. Remember, hair colour is an investment and protecting it is your responsibility.

24. If you’re in a mood to get your hair dyed. Remember one simple rule that is selecting a shade that is 2-3 shades lighter than your original hair colour.

25. If you’re using a hair chalk, make sure you shake your fingers through your hair before you step out of your house. This way your clothes will be prevented from getting stained.

Here are all the tips that were worth telling. But hey, remember that without a perfect diet, it’s all a waste. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and stay healthy.

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