11 Harmful Things We Do Every Day Without Realizing It

There are certain habits which are harmful for our body and our health. Some of us, inspite of knowing this, continue with it necause changing them is something that is next to impossible.

1. Using too much sunscreen

Using sunscreen is important. However, excess usage is not permitted. It has its pros and cons. It prevents premature aging and skin cancer, but at the same time, it causes deficiency of vitamin D. This often leads to other sort of cancer like pancreatic cancer.  It also leads to multiple sclerosis.

2. Not eating fats

Fats upto a certain amount is fine. However, excess leads to gaining of weight and diseases related to heart. Fats play the role of metabolizing body vitamins.


3. Eating too many vegetables

Vegetables are a necessity for a healthy diet. Having a lot of them is risky. 4-5 times is fine. Fried or baked is not recommended. Fresh vegetables help in regulating the function it serves.

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