9 Solution For Every Common Health Problem

These Common Health problems Will Give You 9 Best Solutions. Explore it now.

Natural health remedies are having a serious moment on the wellness scene right now. Whether it’s oil pulling to cure a myriad of concerns, or applying apple cider vinegar to your skin to clear up acne, your grocery store can be a pretty effective place to find health fixes.
So, if you want to try out natural solutions to common health complaints, keep reading. We rounded up 50 of our favourites right here–but remember, if you’re really worried, you should always see a doctor.

1. Headaches:

Try peppermint oil: Peppermint oil is often applied to the skin to help relieve a headache. When it’s applied to the skin, peppermint oil can cause surface warmth, which relieves pain beneath the skin.

2. Sore muscles:

Try ice therapy: While a warm bath will give sore, over-worked muscles immediate relief, icing with crushed ice wrapped in a damp towel actually prevent further muscle damage and can speed up the muscle’s recovery process.

3. Indigestion:

Try peppermint: Peppermint, peppermint tea, and peppermint oil are essential for relieving stomach issues like indigestion, nausea, gas, and cramps.

4. Weak, brittle nails:

Try massaging coconut oil into your nails
Ditch the artificial additives in drug store moisturizers for natural coconut oil.

5. Anxiety:

Try meditation: If you suffer from anxiety, it could pay off to try meditation before you start popping pills–here’s how. Chronic stress has been linked to people with increased risk of Heart Disease, weight gain, sleep problems, and memory and concentration impairment. In studies, daily meditation has also been proven to help manage the symptoms of anxiety disorders, sleep disorders, depression, heart disease, and cancer. Meditation actually works, so you should try it.

6. Dry and flakey skin:

Try honey: Not only is it cheaper than anything in the beauty aisle, honey softens and moisturizes dry skin, and can be applied directly to problem areas.

7. Backaches:

Try acupuncture: Acupuncture has been used to treat backaches since the beginnings of Traditional Chinese Medicine. A study in 2009 showed acupuncture helped reduce the intensity and frequency of headaches in frequent sufferers.

8. Period pain:

Try vitamin D: Hot water bottles, painkillers, and stretching are all common ways to relieve period pain, but here’s one you probably haven’t heard of: Vitamin D. A small group of women who usually suffered severe menstrual cramps experienced significantly less pain when they were given ultra-high dose of Vitamin D five days before their next expected period.

9. Cold and Flu:

Try Dark, Leafy Greens: Nutritionist and Instagram sensation, Jessica Sepel, recommends eating dark, leafy greens and Vitamin C to prevent colds and flus: “I am a firm believer in whole foods to provide immune support–dark, leafy greens are always my go-to.
When it comes to supplements, Vitamin C is a staple on my desk because it attacks the nucleic acid of the virus–and it keeps attacking the bacteria until it’s dead. I love Nature’s Way Whole Foods Vitamin C because it’s created with gorgeous whole food sources like Amla Berry, Acerola Cherry and Camu Camu. Because they’re whole foods they’re more bio-available to our bodies, which actually increases their immune-boosting properties.”

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