6 Sign That A Person Is Hiding From Their Crush

Even though you can’t read minds and don’t want to ask directly, you can learn to detect the signs that someone has romantic feelings for you. Scientific and sociological studies have identified several physical and psychological behaviours that reveal amorous interest. Anyone sign could be coincidental, but if your friend displays multiple signs of subconscious attraction, he might be hiding a secret crush on you.


If a guy secretly likes you, he will try to get closer to you. One reason for this is that things happen when you’re in close range. But also, when a man gets close to you and you don’t back away, it’s a sign to him that you might be interested. He’s looking for this sign from you by trying to get closer, touching your back, hugging you, etc. If you pull away from him, it tells him that you’re definitely not interested and he won’t want to make any further moves just to be rejected.
Men are very interesting creatures. By nature we are more:
• Visual
• Sexual
• Physical
He’s going to thrive on the proximity and if it goes well, he’s going to use it as momentum to get closer or to get you hooked.


This is a very obvious sign that a guy secretly likes you. He wants to show you that he will be there when you need him to be. When you make a plan with him, he’ll follow through with it 100%. He won’t make excuses, even if he has a valid reason to cancel. He will want to take every opportunity that he has to be around you.
USE THIS TO YOUR ADVANTAGE!!! Make a guy invest his resources in you! The more time, energy, money, and effort he invests, the more power you have and he will get hooked. For the love of God, as soon as you find out he likes you, don’t get all mushy, soft, and available. make him work. Women make the mistake of giving in too soon and then the guy takes them for granted. Happens every single time.

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