10 Differences between High School And Colleges

Everybody go through the phase where they want to leave high school and go to college. Because the college life as shown in movies is very tempting. On the other hand, when you reach college you realize that high school days were the golden days. Because in college you are independent as you finally have the long awaited freedom. And this is the turning point where you know that your teachers were right or your parents were right there are consequences of actions.

It doesn’t matter in which school or college you studied because there are some similarities present in every school and every college. Following are some very relateable and hilarious differences between a high school and college.


Lucky were the days when books were cheap or free in high school. When you come to college, thousands of rupees are going to go down on one book which you might open once a year. Another struggle was to find a second-hand book in case we were short in cash.

When High School ‘A’ Grades Became ‘D’ In College

We would be so happy when we saw ‘A+’ Grades in our mark sheets. Our dreams of becoming a scientist and astronaut came crashing down the moment it turned to ‘D’ in college. No matter how hard you tried, getting an ‘A’ would take rituals, hopes and a sacrifice to Satan.

When You Get To Know That Studying Is Necessary 

Were you even made fun of, or bullied for studying after class. These studious kids are the nerds of high school and central attention of a joke for studying all day. In college, it becomes the opposite. You will find everyone studying, even in the canteen.

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