6 Sign That A Person Is Hiding From Their Crush


If your friend smiles when talking to you, and his smile seems especially large or bright, he might have a crush on you, notes students contributing to a 2008 health and wellness project at Brigham Young University – Idaho. People often smile joyfully, usually as a subconscious act, when they feel excited to be around the objects of their affection.


Making frequent, earnest eye contact can signify a crush. Normally, people’s eyes tend to wander around the room, so looking at just one thing indicates an unusual focus of attention. A high level of eye contact demonstrates attraction and a feeling of intimacy concludes a 2006 article published in Human Communication Research, titled “Relational Messages Associated with Nonverbal Behaviors,” written by Judee K. Burgoon, David B. Buller, Jerold L. Hale and Mark A. de Turck. If your friend’s eyes stay on you, she might have romantic feelings for you.

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