Check Out If Your Partner Possess The Same Traits As You, As It Says A Lot About You

Relationships are amazing, aren’t they? I mean, sometimes couples laugh, and sometimes they cry; but they stick together. Well, that’s the beauty of a relationship. When we look at couples, there’s nothing called a fixed pattern, like you won’t find a tall person falling for a tall one only. Love is irresistible, and anyone can fall for anyone. So, to the large variety of couples we see, there’s one thing in common and that’s love. But, do you know that the physical traits of the duo in a relationship can reveal a lot about the relationship itself. Well, if not, let us enlighten you.


1. Look-alikes

Well, we’re not talking about the twins as the word may seem to you. We’re actually talking about the two people in a relationship that share a lot in common. There are a lot of features common between the two of you and it tells that you’re on a right way.


2. Same level of attractiveness

This is a really exceptional case that the two of you feel the same level of attraction for each other, and if you do, then congratulations- you’re on the list of hot couples. Your partner will feel that you are the right option for him as there is a strong feeling in between you that pull you towards them.


3. Complementary temperament

The people in such relationships are the opposites of each other, but complement each other just like the two faces of a coin. The beginning of your love story must be due to a fight. If one of you is short-tempered, the other will be of a calming nature.


4. Height differences

Most of couples differ in height with respect to each other. One may be taller than the other. The taller one looks powerful, while the shorter one seems healthier and self assured. If you choose a partner that is taller than you, then you want to be protected and if you choose a partner that is shorter than you, then you want to be taken care of.


5. Full figured

Some couples tend to meet a lot and consider it a way to express their love and affection. They are very close to each other and may even make biological sense. When it comes to meeting each other, it’s entirely upto them and it’s none of others buisness. They find meeting too often as a way to grow their love deeper.


6. Your partner looks like your parent

As we know that Sigmund Freud gets discredited for many things but he might not be discarded for having a partner who looks like their parents. In such a relationship, a person feels more secure. If you want to notice the similarities, look at your parents and then at your partner.


7. Pets

This may sound really weird to some, but it’s very true. If your beloveds pet loves you or gets along with you pretty easily. It means that your partner is also ready for a committed relationship.


8. The tables have turned

Have you heard of couples that fell in love even when they were fighting like cats and dogs? Well, this is for them. The fights seem to never cease, even when they’re committed to each other seriously, and the fights are very childish. They never show off their relationship, and that’s their beauty. A little bit of appreciation might just change their minds.


9. You walk at the same pace

There are relationships in which couples don’t have to hush or slow down for each other, as they walk in the same pace.


10. Maturity levels

One of the duo in a relationship will be a little childish at heart, and the other will act as a teacher to help the childish one to differentiate between what’s right and wrong.

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