5 Truths That You Need To Know About Your Relationship Right Now

Relationships are a wonderful part of life. Without it, life is all black and white. We all feel that special bond with our special someone, but how long does it last just depends on your mutual understanding ability. However, with time things change and nothing may seem as filmy and bookish as we’ve heard and seen. You may start feeling like there’s no love left. So we’re here to tell you what’s true nad what’s not about the philosophy written about love. There are certain truths about every relationship that should be understood before things become troublesome and you reach the edge of splitting.

1. There must be passion at the beginning

You won’t find every relationship beginning with an extreme sense of infatuation. So, you need not only look for passion and spark, but also for security and comfort level that you feel next to your partner. For a relationship, it’s much more important that you can laugh together and have mutual faith and trust.

2. Happy partners have the same interest

What can be more wrong than thinking that a cook will only be in love with someone that has cooking hobbies and not with the one that loves to eat a lot. Huh! Common misconception, but we’ll tell you that two people with totally different hobbies can have a lot to share and talk about too. In reality, people with their own personal hobbies seem more fun and attractive rather than the one with the same skills.

3. Happy couples never fight

Oops! This seems like a major heartbreak to most of us. But, this is not true. Isn’t it natural to have an argument with somebody? Even if he or she is the love of your life, doesn’t means that you have to agree with them at each and every point. You have your own thoughts and opinions and that can be in contradiction with your loved one, but their is nothing wrong in it. Well, we’re not saying that using foul language is not a thing to worry, but small quarrels are a common thing. But if yiu don’t say what you think, you people are for sure on your way to break up.

4. Happy partners adore each others relatives and friends

Well, this would be counted as a big expectation. You literally don’t have to be a fan of each others relatives, as each of us are unique and have our own choices. Also, this doesn’t means that you need to insult them. Just keep a casual communication and connection so that you don’t hurt anyone’s feeling.

5. Happy couples are always together

This is the biggest misconception, that has already spoiled a lot of relationships. How is this ever possible that one doesn’t needs personal space? Even with our parents, we sometimes need to stay alone. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t love them. Similarly, any relationship will work only when the two people hold mutual respect for each others personal space. You can’t expect them to sit beside you everytime you go out in a function, or stay at home just because you have nothing to do.


This is something that the advertisement and movies have done to our mind. Looking for the perfect guy with no flaws is something that millions of lifetimes can’t ensure and you’ve just one. So, whenever you see a flaw in your partner, accept it as that’s what makes them real.

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