Get Relief From Headaches Just By Knowing Their Cause

Headaches are very common and most of us have felt it. It’s for sure not a very good feeling and we end up feeling irritated from even a small noise. And then we start looking for medicines without even knowing the cause. Headaches are not necessarily caused just by workload. There are a hell lot of reasons for a headache. We’ll tell you each of the reasons and how to get rid of a headache caused by it.

Here are the reasons and we’ll also tell you about the different types of headaches too. So, keep reading and stay fit.

1. Sunlight and vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D deficiencies are a lot to blame for chronic headaches. Scientists analyzed the serum vitamin D levels in approximately 2,600 people. What they found out was that people with lowest vitamin D levels are more prone to chronic headache development than others. It was also found that chronic headaches were more frequently more frequently reported by men who were examined outside the summer months as the level of solar radiation was lower during other seasons.

2. Bright light

3. Thunder and lightening

4. Depression and anxiety

5. Medicines containing codeine

6. Obesity

7. Cold

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