12 Amazing Asian hacks Which Will Give you Wonderful Lifestyle

Asian culture is very colourful and interesting. Asian people are very popular for their sharp and intelligent minds. They use some tricks to ease their life, which saves their money and time. You must try their hack once or maybe you are using it unknowingly.

In each tradition, ideas are handed down from era to era; they might be recommendations on well being, cooking, cleansing, something that your ancestors have realized about the best way to make life simpler. However in the event you don’t establish with a number of cultures, odds are you solely know what your loved ones has taught you from their particular expertise.

As superb as that’s, there’s nothing improper with studying just a few ideas from a tradition you’re unfamiliar with! What higher technique to develop your information of life hacks, proper?

That’s why we’re so excited to share this video from Asian Beauty Secret blogger, Mia. In her newest video, Mia is sharing a few of her households’ life hacks, which have been handed down for many years from a member of the family to member of the family.

Evidently, we’re fairly excited that she’s letting us in on just a few household secrets and techniques! Listed below are just a few of our favourite Asian life hacks, as share by Mia.

Following are the popular Asian Hacks:


Get rid of stinky shoes

Smelling shoes can lead to embarrassment and to get rid of stinky, the tangy and bad odor coming from shoes they use tea bags. This is a simple trick just simply place the dry tea bag in each shoe. They will absorb all foul smell.


Homemade Rice heating pad

Instead of buying an expensive heating pad, they make their own heating pad that can be made super easily and without spending much. To do this you need to fill the sock with the rice and then microwave it. It’s a cure for all the pain, you can use it on period cramps, put it on a stomach if you have a stomach ache or at back, neck, etc.


Use  Gloves while driving

Most of the Asian people use gloves while driving to get protect the skin from the sun. We should follow these hack to prevent our skin from sunburn and tanning.


Never waste papers

They use old papers like newspapers and magazines and recycle them into trash boxes. You don’t need to invest much time. It’s an efficient way to reuse junk papers.

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