This Coconut Oil Secret Will Give You Fast Hair Growth

Coconut oil is not a new product to be described. It has numerous beneficial properties. From skin to hair care, it has a lot to give. Coconut oil is enriched with nutrients that can slow down the skin’s ageing process and make it flawless. It also is a natural way to get rid of spots and marks. With other ingredients, it can serve even more positive effects. But, isn’t it necessary that you use it in the proper way. Yes, if you want to derive most of the benefits, then you also need to use it in the right way. And that’s what we’re going to tell you.

We’ve collected ways in which one can use coconut oil for the betterment of the body. Just read on, and also let us know if you’ve some other ideas regarding the same.

1. For thin hair

Coconut oil is an amazing remedy for long, thick and strong hair. It is also rich in fatty acids and vitamins which are the basic requirements for the scalp to be kept nourished. Also, it removes the natural oil present in the hair produced by the follicles. This oil isn’t supposedly good for our hair and thus, coconut oil helps to get rid of it. Basically, coconut oil is a daily needed treatment for our hair growth.

Steps to follow:-

1. Wash your hair before going to bed and prefer using a sulphate free shampoo. Don’t forget to condition them properly. Make the use of natural shampoo for your hair.

2. Boil the organic coconut oil and apply after it cools down to a manageable temperature. Do not apply too hot oil on your hair.

3. Hairs get tangled after washing them, and hence you need to get free from them with the help of the comb.

4. Gently massage your scalp with the warm coconut oil by your fingers. You will get relieved with it. Make sure you are applying melted coconut oil to your scalp as it is very beneficial. While massaging your hair, you need to part the hair areas into small so that you can reach the scalp properly.

5. Wrap your hair with the help of the towel and let your hair soak the coconut oil overnight. This step is mandatory for the proper use.

Massaging your scalp will increase the blood circulation in the area and it will cause an increase in hair growth. If you gently massage your scalp for one minute every single day, you’ll feel fresh. Don’t apply too much of oil. A single spoon of oil will be enough, otherwise your hair will look too oily.

Well, if you’ve a confusion about why coconut oil is the best, then we’ve a scientific answer. This oil is rich in vitamin E, vitamin K and is very suitable in keeping the scalp and hair follicles moisturized.

2. For damaged hair

Coconut oil is extremely helpful when it comes to reducing hair damage and loss of proteins. This oil is rich in lauric acid and it is strongly attracted to the hair growth proteins. It is a desired product to maintain healthy hair. Coconut oil also has low molecular weight , so it is capable of penetrating down the skin layers. To avoid your hair from damage, we advise you to apply one teaspoon of coconut oil before you wash your hair and a half teaspoon of coconut oil after washing your hair. This will prevent your hair from facing any harshness.

3. Moisture retention

If you want your hair to be kept moisturized, then never ever underestimate coconut oil. It is a stable oil as it neither gets evaporated nor does it break down. Thus, it retains the nutrition and also keeps the hair soft.

Apply this oil as any regular oil and prevent your hair from damage and roughness. Apply a half teaspoon of coconut oil after you wash your hair. This will not only moisturize your hair but will also protect it.

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