Amazing Little Known Secret for Thick Hair Growth

Thick hair is just love. All of us want our hairs to be thick. Not only does this enhances our looks, but also we can try out any hairstyle without issues! But, it is so much problematic these days to get such hair. With so much hair fall taking place, it’s nearly impossible to attain the strength and thickness. But, we have a remedy for this problem. And it’s pretty easy and natural. You don’t have to spend any huge amount too.

Hair loss is a typical issue these days. As hair is considered an asset that enhances one’s bodily look, balding or thinning hair is an issue that many wish to right as quickly as attainable.

A number of the frequent components contributing to thinning hair are extreme bodily or emotional stress, hormonal imbalances, dietary deficiencies, air pollution, allergy symptoms, use of unsuitable hair care merchandise, poor hair care routine, and heredity.

When you’ve got thinning hair, there isn’t a must spend cash on costly therapies and merchandise. There are various pure treatments that can assist you to get thicker and voluminous hair.

This oil is going to strengthen and thicken your hair as much as you’ve ever dreamt of! So, continue reading and gain your hairs back.


1. Almond oil or coconut oil

2. Garlic

3. Onions

4. Tea tree oil


1. Cut the garlic into small pieces. Each batch will require 2 large cloves.

2. Take an onions quarter portion and chop them finely.

3. Add the pieces to the oil and heat it gently.

Don’t let the oil before time. You can hold the vessel a little above the flame in such conditions.

4. Stir the mix until the onions become translucent.

5. Then, put the garlics off and let the oil cool down well.

6. Put few drops of tea tree oil and mix well.

7. Strain the mixture and use it as per requirement.

How to use:-

This can be stored for over a week. Try using it as you would use any regular oil. Apply it overnight or atleast leave it for one hour after applying it. Then, rinse it off with a regular shampoo.


Garlic promotes the hair to grow itself. It is very helpful in reducing hair loss and removing toxins present in the scalp. The allicin in garlic helps in increasing the blood circulation, thus stimulating growth. It also is very useful in getting rid of dandruff.

Also, for a healthy scalp, it’s suggested to use tea tree oil. It is also helpful in removing dandruff.

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