11 harmful things we do everyday without a thought about it

We know you are doing your best to stay fit and healthy but sometimes we do many mistakes without realising it or without giving a single thought about it. So these habits are not only to be realised but are also to be changed.

So here is a list of some habits that are to be dropped:

1. Washing hairs too often

Shampooing your hair seems good but sometimes more of anything is very harmful, similarly washing hair too often or more of it can cause damage to the hair and the natural oils in the scalp will slowly disappear which will not keep the hair moisturized.

2. Controlling a sneeze.

Good habits are a part of being a gentle person but when it comes to sneezing one shouldn’t think much about the etiquette and they should not control their sneeze because controlling it can pop a blood vessel in your body and can even lead you to death.

3. Using the phone while charging.

Yes we agree, time is money, but in order to save time or because the phone is discharged one should not use their phone while charging because no one knows what fault might be there in the charger and it may burst on your hands.

4. Dangers of over washing.

Washing hands too often or doing excess of the required basis is really harmful. This can cause hands to dry out, crack and bleed, which allows germs to enter the body and makes us fall ill.

5. Sleeping late

Sleeping late might sound cool but it actually increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and even stroke so stop being a late night owl and have a sleep on regular basis to keep yourself away from diseases.

6. Internet

Like fire, it is a double-edged sword. Yes the internet is a powerful tool and also it has helped millions of people make money, learn, navigate, find anything they need, etc.  but using too much out of it have made people suffer from irregular eating habits, malnutrition, certain weight gain/loss, dry eyes, headache, etc .

7. Using phone in the dark.

Nowadays people from every generation love being social,  and stick to their phone even after puttingng off the lights and lying in bed. If so, then ophthalmologists says that continu ous use of mobile phones before bedtime in the dark can cause extensive strain to your eyes and can initially cause dry eyes.

8. Eating while watching t.v. 

You might have enjoyed your favourite program eating a snack or dinner, but this is not good at all  because distracted eating may prompt us to eat more resulting to weight gain and also lowers the metabolic rate and blocks the feeling of satisfaction which results in the tendency to eat more.

9. Excess of yoga and gym.

We all want to look fit and healthy amd in the interest of doing so sometimes we push ourselves so much into yoga and gym that  at last the expectations goes down with a negative result. So one must take care of their practices, think about their body so that they might not suffer from excessive strain and also be careful about not holding the breathe while exercising.

10. Listening to music at a high volume.

Music is a medicine for the patients dealing with pain, depression, etc. but listening to loud music over a long time will gradually weaken the structures in the ear and can cause muffled hearing and sometimes resulting to be deaf.

11. Chewing gum too much.


The doctor says chewing gums can protect our teeth from cavities and increase saliva flow which is good for our mouth and for the digestion but doing too much of it can cause bloating, overproduction of stomach acid and can cause gastrointestinal symptoms including diarrhoea.

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