10 Beauty Fails Which Are Totally Expectation V/S Reality

Beauty fails are an important part of our society. I mean, we see so much over the internet and keep trying to get the same look as in the images. But, do we? Nope, most of the time, the results are just terrifying. And it takes all our confidence down to ever try that kind of shit again. But, they’re worth giving a laugh at. So, relax your mood and prevent yourself from trying some of the beauty tricks that we’ve mentioned below.

Also, if you’ve ever experienced any such beauty fails, please tell us in the comment section below. And do laugh out loud while you see the beauty tricks fail!

1. The epitome of nailing it is this-

Now the hands also need some art!

2. The expression on her face says it all!

Atleast , you could eat it now.

3. Well, this is everyone’s problem!

Hairstyles never go exactly the same way, bu this went totally unexpected!

4. Festive nails gone wrong

Has anybody experienced it too, or just me?

5. The “no heat straightening” tip was definitely a lie

The truth is , that it’s a lie!

6. This isn’t exactly what we were aiming for

They never spare the hair, don’t you think so?

7. I have been trying to copy this design, but i think i will let the manicurist do this!

Well, parlor works at parlor only.

8. To be honest, this tutorial doesn’t look any better.

These both are nearly the same!

9. Contouring fail!

Now tell me, how to contour?

10. Can milk straighten your hair? Check it down!

Milk didn’t show any magic hair,, i mean here!

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