If you eat two bananas every day, this will happen to your body

Bananas are healthy fruits, and we all are aware of it. And they’re tasty as well. These yellowish things are filled with vitamins, other nutrients, natural sugars and of course not to forget it’s richness in fibre! These ideal fruits provide us with both energy and a feeling of fullness. It’s preferred by most of us over other fruits because of course it’s pretty easy to peel and eat, but it’s also kind of a mini-meal for us. Thus, satisfying our hunger.

Well, banana has another benefit. Other fruits when become brownish, are thrown away. But, in case of bananas, the browner the banana, the more it contains TNF – Tumor Necrosis Factor. This is a compound that help fight cancer by helping fight abnormal cells in the body. Basically, it helps in the communication between cells of the immune system by guiding the cells to inflammatory polluted areas of the body. They can interfere with cancer cells and prevent them from spreading to cause cell death or apoptosis. Bananas also help in increasing the WBC count due to their antioxidants, thus strengthening the immune system.

So, whenever you see a brown spotted banana, don’t throw it away as it might just save you from cancer.

Health benefits of banana

1. Heartburn :- Just one banana is enough to relieve heartburn. All thanks to its anti-acids.

2. Blood pressure:- Bananas are an ideal combination of low sodium and high potassium, thus making them very healthy for the heart. They help lower the blood pressure and is also a precautionary measure against heart attacks or strokes.


3. Energy :- Bananas are an excellent source of energy. They can provide instant energy for your daily chores and activities. That’s why they’re preferred before or after training by athetes. They improve endurance and prevents muscle cramps.


4. Anemia :- Bananas are a rich source of iron, and thus they can help us from anaemia. They can stimulate RBC and the production of haemoglobin, thus eradicating the disease from roots.


5. Ulcer :- While most of the foods are not allowed while people suffer from ulcer, bananas can still be consumed. Taking into consideration their soft and smooth texture, they can cover the stomach, protecting it from irritation and acids.


6. Constipation :- Bananas are rich in fiber, thus they can make the gut move again, giving you natural relief from constipation. So, when next time you’re suffering from constipation , grab a bunch of bananas and get relieved.


7. Nerves or PMS :- Well, you won’t believe, but bananas can actually stimulate your mood. Eating a banana will regulate your blood sugar levels. They are rich in vitamin B and thus, helps in calming down the nervous system which leads to a feeling of more relaxation and betterment.


8. Lowering body temperature :- Only a few of you may know that bananas can lower down your body temperature and cool you even if it’s hot outside. It even works when you’ve a fever.

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