Turmeric Can Help You Stay Young

Ageing is an inevitable process of life. Socially ageing is described in terms of the years one has existed while biologically it is defined as a number of changes at cellular level that makes one susceptible to diseases and infections. Aging process is dependent on environmental as well as genetic factors. Wrinkled skin, age spots, grey hair, reduced muscle mass are few of the external changes aging brings about. Internally it affects one’s vision and hearing, memory, blood pressure, digestion and weakens bones and joints.

While aging is inevitable there are so many ways one age but still remain healthy. Infact that is the key point – aging is not an issue if you are healthy and happy. Many people feel that’s the best part of life – if you can. Turmeric has known to provide so many benefits to disorders which are associated with aging.

To prevent your skin from being wrinkled and lifeless, there is a simple DIY ( Do It Yourself) remedy . You need to prepare a turmeric cream at home and apply it regularly for better results.


1. Turmeric

2. Gram flour 

3. Lemon

4. Cold milk 


Step 1.

Take one cup of gram flour. Make sure the quantity which is taken is enough for you to use it for 3-4 days.

Step 2.

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