After Reading This You Will Never Throw The Onion Peel again

People, being unaware of the benefits of onion peel, throw it away rather than storing it. Onion peel is used as one of the ingredients in medicines. It helps in taking care and maintaining the glow of the skin. Besides serving for beneficial purposes in outer skin, it is also inner health issues. It is used to reduce high level of cholesterol. Some of the benefits are enlisted as follows.

1. Anti-inflammatory nature.

It can be used on rashes, bruises and wounds because it is anti inflammatory in nature. It also serves another benefit. All that one has to do is soak the onion peel overnight and use the water that was used for soaking the onion peel to apply on the rashes, bruises and wound.

2. Keeping away flies.

This is useful for those who hate flies and mosquitoes. Soak the onion peel inside water overnight. Take the water that was used to soak the onion peel and keep it outside. The water emits a bad odour which keeps flies and mosquitoes away.

3. Hair conditioner.

Onion peel acts a good agent for conditioning the hair. Soak the onion peel in water overnight. Wash the hair with the water used for soaking the onion peel after taking a shower. It surely leaves behind a pro and that is the soothing effect, but, it also leaves behind a con which is the bad and pungent odour. Dealing with the smell can be handful.

4. Reducing high levels of cholesterol.

Prepare onion broth and consume it on a daily basis. Add honey or sugar to reduce the unbearable taste of the broth. For better outcomes, one can consume the broth on a daily basis along with exercise.

5. Fights stomach infection

The onion broth can be used to fight against stomach infection. It has antifungal and antibacterial characteristics. The onion broth is prepared by soaking the onion peel and collecting that water. However, the intake of the broth with allopathic medicines does not provide with any side effects and is thus proven to be same.

6. Anti-cancerous nature

Onion peel is said to have quercetin which is an anti-cancerous enzyme. The broth can be included in the diet to prevent any symptoms of cancer.

7. Onion peel skin tea

Onion peel can be taken by adding it in tea. Soak it in the water and take the water. Drink it by making tea out of it.

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