This Is What Will Happen If You Start Eating 2 Eggs Each Day

Eggs are beneficial for sure, and that’s why it’s an essential part of so many recipes. It’s unique composition has always been questioned, and today all your questions regarding this will be answered. Have you imagined what changes your body may go through if you eat two eggs on a daily basis. A lot- must be your answer. But positively or negatively is the real question. Well, we’re here to help you grab the beautiful benefits that two eggs a day can provide you abd even you’ll be amazed.

1. Your brain is under choline protection

Just two eggs a day are enough to ensure that your memory remains strong as ever. Phospholipids, which ensure normal communication of brain cells, consist of choline. And it has been proven that eggs are considerably rich in this vitamin.

2. Helps in preserving sight

All thanks to the rich amount of lutein present in the chicken eggs , one can have a sharp and clear eyesight for a lifetime. With its deficiency, destructive changes in the eye tissues accumulate, and eyesight irreversibly deteriorates.

3. Vitamin D helps to absorb calcium

The amount of calcium in a spoonful of fish oil and boiled egg are very similar. So, what would you prefer to have in case you wanna increase your calcium levels? Obviously, the latter one as it’s much more preferred. Moreover, scientists found a way to increase the amount of vitamin D content in eggs by feeding chickens special supplements. Vitamin D helps calcium better absorb and strengthen your bones and teeth.

4. Vitamin B complex protects the skin, hair and liver

Biotin, vitamin B12, and digestible nourishing proteins are some of the elements that contribute to the strengthening of hair and skin. Phospholipids present in eggs promote the elimination of toxins from the liver.

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