This Is How You Can Grow Your Lashes Longer Than Ever

Eyes are seemingly the most beautiful part of a women’s face. We do so much to beautify it. From liners to eyeshadows, it’s all just to beautify it. And how can we forget the mascara!

Afterall, that’s what makes our eyes look more alive. A dab of mascara, and your look changes completely! It’s because it makes your lashes look longer and beautiful. But imagine, how would it be if you would have naturally long lashes? Amazing, right! Ao, today we will tell you how to get longer lashes sitting right at your home.

First of all, we’ll discuss about the market products and cosmetics. They’re not a waste, you just need to choose the right one with harmless ingredients. Eyes are delicate, and one wrong product can cause enough harm to it. So, we’ve got a list of products that you can use for thicker and longer lashes.

1. Latisse- It has bimatoprost which enhances the eyelash growth.

2. Rapidlash Eyelash Renewal System- Contains antioxidants and vitamins which helps promote growth.

3. Lilash- Has Lupinus albus seed extract, glycerin, colloidal silver, silica and panthenol which strengthens the eyelash and lets it grow.

4. Ravitalash- Treats the brittle and weak lash. And also helps to strengthen the eyelashes.

5. Lashfood- Acts as a natural eyelash conditioner.

All these products have their own rules of application, so do read the “how to apply” before you start using it. Also, it’s better to consult a doctor as some products can cause severe irritation in the eyes.

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