This Is How You Can Grow Your Lashes Longer Than Ever


Extensions are a great way of getting what you want with your lashes. It has been there from the 1990’s and has got a lot more trendy now. It’s always better to get it settled up in a parlor if you want the best results. It stays for few months and looks great. It’s just a bit time consuming, but it does give you the look you want.


Transplants are a lot trendier today. Many people opt for this. There are two types of transplants-Reconstructive eyelash transplantation and Esthetic eyelash transplantation. Based on the requirements of the client, either of them is done. The client is given local anaesthesia and in about 3 hours the transplant gets done. But, one should be cautious about swelling and eye infection, both, before and after the transplant. Do not hesitate to talk to your surgeon regarding any queries you have before you set out for a transplant.

Home remedies

Now that all the cosmetics have been talked about, let’s begin talking about the natural ways. Nature is full of remedies and we’ll enlighten you about some of them. So, let’s begin with the list.

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