Know Your Personality Type On The Basis Of The Shape Of Your Nose

Hello ladies! Imagine a world with people with no nose, how would it be? All of us would be looking like some alien creatures, and probably not as beautiful as we look today! Well, thank god! We all have our nose in place. But, is that the only task of a nose- to beautify us and to smell and to breathe. Yes for the tasks, but it has other uses too. Did you ever notice that there are so many different types of nose in this world? About 10 is the answer and each type has it’s own personality associated to it. If you’re interested in knowing yours, read below.

1. Hawk nose

Adrien Brody and Sarah Jessica Parker have a classic Hawk Nose shape. The curved bridge resembling a beak marks this shape. The people with this type of nose are very observant. They’re quite wary of their actions. They’re very cautious in nature and that may make it difficult for people to get along with you. But hey, isn’t it better to stay on the safer side.

2. Roman nose

Sophia Coppola and Mark Zuckerberg have Roman noses. Well, it’s quite obvious why it’s called the roman nose. Romans are said to be one of the greatest leaders and developers in human history. The people featuring such nose are compassionate and influential. They meticulously work towards the betterment of people.

3. Bulbous nose

This type of nose is often comically exaggerated in cartoons but, famous people like Bill Clinton and Leo McKern sport this nose. Bulbous nose is easily identifiable due to it’s rounded tip. The personalities associated with this type of nose are wise, opulent and progressive. They’re loved by the people and their friends want to spend time with them. Afterall, they’re full of wisdom and give valuable advice.

4. Nubian nose

Celebrities and famous people like the adorable Rihana and Former US president, Barack Obama has this type of nose. People with this type of nose are very creative and passionate. They’re extraordinary and have a charismatic personality. This is what draws people’s attention towards them. They’re very friendly in nature and ond can easily befriend them. They’re entertaining and have a dynamic nature. Also, this is the most common nose type in the world.

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