Pick A Dream Catcher And Know About Yourself

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes hard work , sweat and determination.

Everybody sees dreams but only a few dreams come true. You know why? Because everybody dreams while they sleep but only a few of them bring their dream from night’s sleep to reality. Sometimes instead of a sweet dream of chocolate land , fairies and the candy rain people get terrifying nightmares. Especially children who wake up in the middle of the night panting because of the horrors they saw in their dream. So to avoid the nightmares all you need is a dream catcher.

A dream catcher is the handmade willow hoop in the native culture which is in the form of the net or the web. It can also be made from the beads or the feathers. It is like a replica of the spider web is also the protective charm for infants. It originated in the 1960s and came into the worldwide market in 1970s and 1980s. In the modern world to the dream catchers act as the traditional manner in the communities and the culture of its origin. It is the sign of unity among people. People use dream catcher as the sign for protecting the sleep of the people from the horrible dreams. Mainly they are right to rid of the bad nightmares for children. Children can feel a sweet sleep.

From the below given picture choose 1 dream catcher and that specific dream catcher will reveal your personality.

Now if you think you can cheat by just finding the secrets of all dream catchers you are wrong. You are given a second chance to choose one and only one dream catcher while we will let you know about the dream catcher’s origin and how it works.

In every possible way, Americans were out with the decision that a person can have two types of nightmares either good or bad. These dreams can affect our lives in more than one ways. So they prefer to have positive vibes always. So they introduced a thing called dream catcher. It is like a hope that says you will have good vibes. We attach catcher above our bed where when the sun rises and will directly hit the spot of its light. But it is like to wonder that how the dream catcher has the direct connection with the sunlight and how does it works?

It is a hope to say that the dream catcher attracts all types of dreams to itself and it acts like a web to them. When you dream of the good things then the dream catcher gently pass through and lets its feather down. Those feathers facing downwards will provide comfort to the sleeper below.

But if it is a bad dream, then it gets trapped into the net and burnt with the help of sunlight next day. Those dreams will never let your sleep become a horrible dream.

And now if you are ready to know about yourself find the dream catcher you chose and read on :-


If you are going to choose the option one, then that means you are trustworthy, conservative, and genuine. You are of friendly nature such that it makes easy for you to make acquaintances very often. You can also do anything if it comes to your friends. But there is something that makes you fool, and that is your blind trust for anyone. You trust people very often, but they take advantage of your calmness.

You are an emotional person. People are not able to understand you in the one go. So you must take time to yourself for understanding your feelings and you should never let anyone rule over your emotions.


People for the opportunity two are the pure heart and innocent beyond their words. You never tend to have naturalness among yourself, but you will motivate others for that. You need to make others happy and very comforting with yourself at they tend at your ease. You give your things very quickly when someone asks for it, and this thing makes you a real gem.


If you are with the third option, then you are an optimistic person. People will not be able to understand your personality in one go. The primary thing is you never love being alone, and you need people around you to talk with you and share your thoughts. You are among the most talkative ones, and the thing which makes you unique is that you never judge anyone. Instead, you accept people the way the people are.


If you feel safe with the fourth one, then that means you are a compassionate person. The primary thing inside you which makes you unique is that you put other people in front. You never say no to a person in need. Do not take anything to your heart. You are a sensitive person and must learn not to get hurt easily. Always live in the reality rather than being a dreamy person.


You are an independent person. You never lose control whatever the conditions are around you. You tend to maintain distance from people who makes you feel insecure. You want to clear your mind from all sorts of negativity. People love you for your sophisticated nature. You are perfect in everything you do.

do not give up on your dreams no matter how much effort they require. And if you get a bad dream do not let fear over take you. Keep dreaming at both times; with eyes closed and open.

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