Onion Peels : Worthless or Healthy?

Most of the people use Rose for various purposes because they are aware of it’s benefits. On the other hand Onion which is only taken as a food resource has more benefits in comparison to Rose, though usually neglected because of it’s smell. The most beneficial is the Onion Peel which is usually thrown in the dustbin.

Various benefits of onion peels include curing rashes, bruises, wounds. It helps in reducing excessed cholesterol and helps in maintaining a glowing skin. Except for an individual’s benefits onion peel helps in daily chores like it is a great source to get rid off the flies and mosquitoes. For extracting different benefits from an onion peel, it is important to know the different ways of using it, respectively. For instance, soak the onion peels overnight and keep the water on the front doors which would help repel the mosquitoes due to it’s strong smell.Onion peel’s water can also be used as a good alternate of hair-conditioner only if one can bear the smell. 

Onion peels have medicinal properties due to it’s anti fungal and antibacterial qualities. Onion peel broth if added in it and consumed with allopathic  medicines can help fight in stomach infection without any harmful effect. Onions also have anticancer agents as the enzyme “Quercetin” present in onion is beneficial in cancer treatment. As the hardships seen in consumption of onion there is an easy way to save the day. One can make Onion Tea, by soaking some onion peels in water and then remove the peels at last you can drink it in a way that you like.

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