22 Makeup Secret Which No Body Told You About

5) Cover your baldness

Your baldness bothers you and make your look grisly. To cover your baldness instantly apply mascara on your hair as you do on the eyelashes. Or you can also apply cohl/ kajal and blend it well.

6) Create gel eyeliner

Gel liner looks great and easy to apply. It gives an intense smudge look and adds charm to your eyes. But you don’t want to spend money as they are costly. So, eye pencil or cohl can be your saviour. Just heat the lid of the pencil for a second and let it cool down for a few seconds and then apply it.

7) Line and Curl at same time

This hack is great for all those beauties who want to save her time or who are not pro at applying liner. You can line your eyes and curl your eyelashes at the same time. Apply lineront the edge of the eyelashes curler and then use it as you always do.

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