How To Apply EyeShadow Like Pro In Beginner stage

Let the eyes do the talking, because eyes are the best ways to express. Therefore, they are considered to be an important part of expressing. While doing make up
eyes should be done with proper detailing to give it a completion and add a meaning to everything that is done. Specially while applying eyeshadow one must pay extra attention so that your eyes can look more glamorous. It totally depends on the skills and makeup ideas which either make you look beautiful or like a zombie after an apocalypse.

So just to help and not let the things go wrong here are some steps and ideas to follow.

Things you will need for a perfect eye make up:

  1. Moisturizer
  2. Eye shadow primer
  3. Concealer
  4. Eye shadow
  5. Make up brushes
  6. Eye liner
  7. Kohl pencil
  8. Mascara

Must have eye make up brushes.

Flat shader brush :   This brush is used to pack on powder and cream eyeshadows evenly on the lid area.

Angled shader brush – This brush has an angle to it. It is used to apply darker shades on the outer corner for a more detailed look.

Fluffy blending brush – This brush is used to blend out any harsh edges for a seamless effect with powder products.

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